Welcome to the web page of the 12th ISABS Conference on Forensic and Anthropologic Genetics and Mayo Clinic Lectures in Individualized Medicine

Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 22-27, 2022


Dear Colleague,

We invite you to join us at the 12th ISABS Conference on Forensic, Anthropologic and Medical Genetics, Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 22 – 27, 2022. The conference is next in the series of biennial events organized by the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), a society dedicated to the promotion of applied molecular biology (www.isabs.net).

Since the initiation of the series in 1997, we have strived both to focus and broaden the scope of the conferences. The focus has been on the application of cutting-edge analytical methodology in forensic science. In 2003 programs in forensic medicine and in cellular and molecular medicine ran in parallel with the introductory and closing sessions held jointly. The Cellular and Molecular Medicine program was co-organized with the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, USA. Since 2007 we have broadened the area of interest by the introduction of molecular anthropology that, in large part, shares the methodology with forensic genetics. In 2009, we introduced selected topics from individualized medicine, another applied discipline based on the advances in mapping the human genome. In 2011 we included the most recent and most interesting topics in molecular medicine. In 2013 we included genetics applied to crossing of forensic science, anthropology and translational medicine. Mayo Clinic again, same as in the past ten years joined our efforts. It provided the critical link into the cutting-edge clinical applications of genetics. The overall effort culminated in the incorporation of individualized medicine as the third cornerstone, together with forensic and anthropologic genetics. We feel this integration of the three areas, united by technology and applicative intent, provides an unprecedented opportunity for further progress in every respect. In the clinical part of the congress topics covered the latest achievements in regenerative medicine, gene and cell therapy, individualized medicine, new molecular procedures and methodology for early detection of cancer, clinical importance of circulating tumor cells and immune therapy in cancer treatments. In 2015 we introduced up-to-date results in genomics of individualized medicine, a program in anthropology genetics concerning ancient and modern human genome history, and human genetic history of the continents and forensic genetics program with special emphasis on new knowledge in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in forensics, DNA investigative intelligence, and advancements in forensic DNA routine. At the jubilee 10th ISABS conference in Dubrovnik in 2017, Nobel Spirit session took place for the first time. This jubilee conference marked a breakthrough towards regenerative medicine and microbiome analysis in forensics, anthropology and medicine and in 2019 we continued with the same “Nobel Spirit” achievements. We introduced new session of very promising Human Glycome Project.

We are pleased that the program in 2022 will be more interesting than ever and it will include the following topics: Mathematical Modeling in Cancer Therapy, Gene Therapy, Archaeological Genetics, New perspectives in Human Forensic Molecular Biology, Genomics in Medicine, Pharmacogenomics and Drug Development, Stem Cells in Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Ribosomes in Medicine, Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Genetics and Mass Catastrophes Managements. We will have very stimulating Course on Epigenomics. Together with several conference regulars, this 2022 year will bring many new and exciting names including Nobel Prize laureates Aaron Ciechanover, Sir Richard John Roberts and Thomas Südhof. Special Plenary Lectures will be held by Garry Kasparov (New York, USA) and Greger Larson (University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom).

As before, the conference is structured to allow close interaction of the international faculty and attendees. We continue to have traditional Young Investigator Awards and High School Student Future Scientist Awards. Together with formal presentations, there will be meet-the-professor sessions, a day trip, gala dinner and other social occasions meant to enhance opportunities for scientific intercourse, but also to introduce the participants to the town of Dubrovnik, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea; it carries the appellation of the pearl of the Adriatic. With its remarkable history, Dubrovnik is a city that leaves nobody unmoved, so delighted by its beauty, George Bernard Shaw said “Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”.


Dragan Primorac
Stanimir Vuk-Pavlović
Program/Conference Directors