Lee is currently the director of Forensic Research and Training Center at the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science and Distinguished Chair Professor in Forensic Science at the University of New Haven. Lee was the Chief Emeritus for the Connecticut State Police during 2000 to 2010 and was the Commissioner of Public Safety for the State of Connecticut during 1998 to 2000 and has served as that state’s Chief Criminalist and Director of State Police Forensic laboratory from 1978 to 2000.

Lee has lectured widely, written hundreds of articles published in professional journals, and authored or co-authored more than 40 books on forensic science, crime scene investigation and crime scene reconstruction. He has acted as an advisor or consultant to many law enforcement agencies. He hosted a show on the truTV network, formerly Court TV, titled Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee, which highlighted his work on well-known cases. Lee has also appeared widely on television. He has been a guest on the Taiwanese talk show KangXi Lai Le.

Young Investigator Award

Knowing the importance of including young researchers as active participants of the conference, ISABS encourages PhD and graduate students working toward a degree in the fields related to the conference program themes as well as postdoctoral researchers to join the conference and apply for Young Investigator Award (YIA). Therefore, for each ISABS conference YIA are presented for outstanding research presented by investigators who are less than thirty five years old. Scientific Advisory Committee of the conference selects finalists from nominees who submit abstracts. Besides the attractive prize, each award recipient is given the opportunity for a podium presentation. Author(s) of each selected abstract receive the Young Investigator Award Certificate as well.

The ISABS Future Scientist Award

A joint project of the International Society of Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS), Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency

The Scientific Committee of the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) in collaboration with the Croatian Education and Teacher Training Agency and the Croatian Ministry of Science and Education awards the best Croatian high school students' essays with The ISABS Future Scientist Award. The essays must be in the field of human biology, genetics and chemistry and infectious disease (such as COVID-19). ISABS will also reward all teachers-mentors of the winning students.

Recipients of the 2022 Young Investigator Award
  • Elena Essel, Germany (Anthropological Genetics)
  • Karlo Miškec, Croatia (Epigenetics)
  • Amira Nabil, Egypt (Molecular Diagnostics)
  • Vid Matišić, Croatia (Pharmacogenomics)
  • Rachelle Turiello, USA (Forensic Genetics)
Recipients of the 2022 High School Student Future Scientist Award
  • Filip Bulat, VII. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Ante Čolak, II. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Mei Đulabić Chalfe, V. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Robertina Filković, V. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Lucija Glavičić Marović, XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Đurđica Kovačić, III. Gymnasium, Split, Croatia
  • Nika Adriana Marijanović, Classical Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Frane Marušić, Jure Kaštelan High School, Omiš, Croatia
  • Nika Miličević, V. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Goran Narančić, XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Rea Pešušić, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia
Recipients of the 2019 Young Investigator Award
  • Viktoria Dotz, The Netherlands (Personalized Medicine)
  • Benjamin Planterose Jiménez, The Netherlands (Forensic Genetics)
  • Elena Zavala, Germany (Anthropological Genetics)
Recipients of the 2019 High School Student Future Scientist Award
  • Božo Bradarić Lisić, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Matea Bürger, VII. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Sara Caktaš, XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Angela Kalpić, Medical School Split, Split, Croatia
  • Rea Pešušić, Vladimir Prelog Science School, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Petar Škrobo, M.A. Reljković Gymnasium, Vinkovci, Croatia


Recipients of the 2017 Young Investigator Awards
  • Sabriya Syed, USA (Personalised Medicine)
  • Goran Josipović and Vladimir Zanki, Croatia (Personalised Medicine)
  • Atina Vidaki, The Netherlands (Forensic Genetics)
  • Mateja Hajdinjak, Germany (Anthropological Genetics)
Recipients of the 2017 Future Scientist Award
  • FilipBognar, XV.Gymnasium, Zagreb,Croatia
  • Lovro Jančić, Karlovac Gymnasium, Karlovac, Croatia
  • Rej Kovačević, VII. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Lara Primorac, XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Magda Topić, XV. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Borna Branimir Vuković, V. Gymnasium, Zagreb, Croatia


Recipients of the 2015 Young Investigator Awards
  • Dora Polšek, Croatia (Individualized Medicine)
  • Barbara Zajac, Germany (Forensic Genetics)
  • Niraj Rai, India (Anthropological Genetics)

Recipients of the 2013 Young Investigator Awards
  • Matko Čančer, Sweden (Gene therapy)
  • Dora Markulin and Branka Gršković, Croatia (Genome-based applications in forensic science)
  • Slavé Petrovski, USA (Personalized genomics)
  • Antoinette Westen, The Netherlands (Genome-based applications in forensic science)

Recipients of the 2011 Young Investigator Awards
  • Rebecca S Just, USA (Genome-based applications in forensic science)
  • Mark Barash, Australia (Forensic DNA phenotyping)
  • Renato Polimanti, Italy (Molecular anthropology)
  • Martina Smolić, Croatia (Molecular therapy)

Recipients of the 2009 Young Investigator Awards
  • Chiara Barbieri, Germany (Molecular Anthropology)
  • Fernanda Gonçalves, Brasil (Individualised Medicine)
  • Pavlo Tatarskyy, Ukraine (Individualised Medicine)
  • Antoinette Westen, Netherlands (Forensic Genetics)

Recipients of the 2007 Young Investigator Awards
  • Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk, Poland (Forensic Genetics)
  • Agnieszka Krzyżańska, Poland (Forensic Genetics)
  • Kaye Ballantyne, Australia (Molecular Anthropology)
  • Tomislav Domazet-Lošo, Croatia (Molecular Anthropology)
  • Coralie Frassati, Switzerland (Molecular Anthropology)
  • Taeko Kashima, Japan (Molecular Anthropology)

Recipients of the 2005 Young Investigator Award
  • Caroline Round, United Kingdom (Forensic Genetics)
  • Tracy Johnson, USA (Forensic Genetics)
  • Vedrana Montana, USA (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)
  • Mirela Baus Lončar, Germany (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)

Recipients of the 2003 Young Investigator Award
  • Robert J. Shelton, CO, USA (Forensic Genetics)
  • Chiara Magri, Italy (Molecular and Cellular Medicine)

Recipients of the 2001 Young Investigator Award

Forensic IdentityTesting: Frontiers in Molecular and Cellular Medicine:

  • Lucia Cifuentes Ovalle, Chile
  • Rima Dada, India
  • Katja Drobnič, Slovenia
  • Anna Gareeva, Russia
  • Nguyen Hoai Giang, Vietnam
  • Tomasz Kupiec, Poland