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International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS)

is a non-profit organization founded to promote, enhance and extend research, development and education in molecular biology as applied to clinical and molecular medicine, focusing on, but not limited to, molecular genetics, genomics, proteomics, forensic and anthropological genetics, and biotechnology.

ISABS national identification number (OIB): 43511880182
ISABS identification number (MB): 1859382
ISABS registration number: 21003655
ISABS date of registration: August 27, 2004
ISABS bank account at Privredna banka Zagreb: IBAN: HR942340009-1110157135, Swift: PBZGHR2X

Principal activities of the Society include:

  • Advancing education in applied molecular biology;
  • Fostering collaboration with scientific, academic and professional associations worldwide to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas;
  • Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia and lectures locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Funding short-term and long-term exchange and visits for education and training of outstanding young and senior scientists in prominent institutions worldwide;
  • Publishing scientific, educational and position papers, books and manuals for timely dissemination of relevant information on scientific, technical and public policy issues in pursuit of the goals and activities of the Society.


The mission of the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences is to contribute the advancement of the biological sciences and applications of related techniques and technologies by promoting, improving and extending all aspects of research; technological developments and education activities in the fields of applied biological sciences and related areas and exchanging the cutting-edge scientific contents between the scientists.


Intensify fundamental, applied and progressive research. Provide new professional, bioethical and humane approach to applied biological sciences by valuing new perspectives, opportunities, and supporting the analysis of ideas, practices, research, and technologies. Create collaborative scientific connection in order to bridge the gap between the challenge and opportunities associated with emerging technologies and applications as well as between the diverse needs of researchers. Participate in advancement of educational system activities and increase public awareness of the applied biological sciences and technologies and their benefits and overall impacts to society.

History of ISABS

Although the first official assembly of the ISABS was held in 2004, the society has actually started with its activities in 1997 by organizing the international meeting in forensic ad clinical genetics: First European – American Intensive Course in PCR Based Clinical and Forensic Testing.
This Meeting was founded with the aim of promoting the science and Republic of Croatia and since then is organized biennially, leaving a significant impact to the surrounding regions and wider.
Their importance is getting higher continuously for the Meetings always offer cutting-edge scientific contents provided by the outstanding leaders in the fields related to the conference program.
From 2003 meetings were organized in collaboration with Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota, USA) and University of Zagreb through the approved program Mayo Clinic College of Medicine-University of Zagreb International Program in Advanced Medical Education.
In order to put some new perspectives regarding the program concept, during the Conference in Dubrovnik 2005, next to the forensic genetics and molecular and cellular medicine programs, the molecular anthropology was introduced through few topics as inaugural session. Since this idea was very welcomed, it has been decided to change the structure of the conference in Split 2007 and to dedicate a separate session to this very interesting scientific field. This idea represented itself as very interesting and useful due to fact that most of the laboratory work used in both fields (forensic genetics and molecular anthropology) is based on almost the same procedures. Therefore, this element gave completely new perspective for the concept and ensured very close interaction between two above mentioned sessions. Conference in Bol, Island of Brac, 2011 has compiled topics in forensic genetics, molecular anthropology and molecular medicine. In addition, interesting workshops has been held on prenatal diagnostics, protein glycosylation in diagnostics and therapy, legislation pertinent to DNA databases and DNA autopsy in unexplained deaths.
Also, in order to make the ISABS recognizable as the organizer of these meetings, in 2007 for the first time the ISABS name appeared as the part of the conference title.
Along the organization of scientific meetings, during the past years the Society has become a rich source of prominent young scientist that are continually giving a huge contribution to the promotion and advancement in the various fields of applied biomedical sciences both in Croatia and abroad.


Since 1997, the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) has been striving to promote, improve and extend research, new developments and education in the fields of applied biological sciences especially in the area of clinical and molecular medicine, molecular biology, forensic sciences and biotechnology. You can help keep ISABS on the cutting edge by making a tax deductible donation. Thank you for your support!
Payment should be made to the ISABS account at Privredna banka Zagreb:
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IBAN HR942340009-1110157135
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Payment can also be made in Croatian kuna, at the medium exchange rate of Croatian National Bank. Giro Account No: 2340009-1110157135 (Att. ISABS donation)
Copies of the bank transfer receipt together with filled DONATION FORM should be e-mailed to info@isabs.hr, faxed to ++385 1 3702 961 or mailed to ISABS, Domobranska 21, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
You will receive a tax receipt by mail.

Sponsorship of the Society

We are happy to offer sponsorship of the ISABS for all companies supporting the aims and activities of ISABS, through which the Society is striving to promote, improve and extend research, new developments and education in the fields of applied biological sciences especially in the area of clinical and molecular medicine, molecular biology, forensic sciences and biotechnology.