Topics for 13th ISABS Conference

Moses Schanfield's Memorial Session on Forensic Genetics and Anthropological Genetics Program:

Genome-based applications in forensic science
Forensic DNA phenotyping
Forensic DNA databases
Genetic analysis of forensic non-human material
Forensic and comparative genetics
DNA analysis in victims of mass disasters
Legislation pertinent to DNA databases
DNA autopsy in unexplained deaths
Ancient DNA
Migration history
Genetic adaptation
Forensic Genetic Genealogy

Mayo Clinic Lectures in Translational Medicine Program:

Whole Genome Sequencing for Implementation of Precision Medicine
Molecular diagnostics: current technology and applications
Best practices in translational & personalized medicine
Protein glycosylation in diagnostics and therapy
Regenerative medicine
Translational medicine
Cell therapy
Gene therapy
Dendritic Cell Vaccination,
Tissue Engineering,
Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Medicine