1st ISABS conference

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European-American Intensive Course in PCR Based Clinical and Forensic Testing

Split, September 23 - October 3, 1997


President of Intensive Course
M. Schanfield, USA

Vice President of Intensive Course
D. Primorac, Croatia

Scientific Committee

H. Lee, USA
K. Pavelić, Croatia
M. Radman, France
D. Rowe, USA
S. Vukičević, Croatia
S. Vuk-Pavlović, USA
Lj. Zergollern-Čupak

Local Organizing Committee

S. Anđelinović

S. Janković

M. Anić, V. Bacci, L. Balarin, Z. Banović, M. Belitza, M. Biočić, M. Bitanga, A. Blažević, M. Boban, T. Bolotin, B. Božinović, J. Buzolić, A. Bušić, J. Čule, A. Dolić, G. Dodig, C. Dohoczky, A. Galić, A. Gugić, S. Jukić, I. Kostović, V. Krželj, B. Krstulović, A. Letica, S. Ljubas, B. Lukšić, V. Ljubičić, D. Marasović, I. Mandić, M. Marušić, D. Milinović, M. Perišić, A. Petričević, P. Rajčić, M. Rakić, R. Spaventi, P. Stazić, J. Svetić, A. Šarić, D. Šerman, A. Teklić, I. Zlokić


Plenary Lectures

DNA analysis in criminal investigation (Dr.Henry Lee)
The role of forensic pathologist in preservation of DNA evidence (Dr. Michael Baden)
Lessons learned from mutation detection in Osteogenesis Imperfecta: Implication for gene therapy of dominantly inherited diseases of connective tissue (Dr. David Rowe)
Molecular basis of genetic predisposition to genetic diseases (Dr. Miroslav Radman)
Cystic fibrosis and mutation analysis (Dr. Pier Franco Pignatti)

Special Lectures

Identification of human remains from mass graves in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by use of standard forensic methods (Dr. Šimun Anđelinović)
(Title of the talk will be announced) (Dr. Bruce Budowle)
Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA in forensic medicine (Dr. Mitchell Holland)
Introduction of the analysis of sexual assaults (Dr. Manfred Hochmeister)
STR analysis by means of direct blotting electrophoresis (Dr. Jürgen Henke)
Searching for missing and imprisoned persons: Organization of the identification in Republic of Croatia (Dr.Ivica Kostović)
The results of the DNA Laboratory-Institute of Forensic Medicine in the identification of war victims (Dr. Milovan Kubat)
Identification of human remains from mass graves in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by use of DNA (Dr. Dragan Primorac)
Clinical Applications of STR based typing systems for sample identification (Dr. Moses Schanfield)
Experience with AFLP in forensic cases (Dr. Moses Schanfield)
Identification of war victims-Experience of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Zagreb (Dr. Dušan Zečević)
Molecular diagnosis and monitoring of leukemia (Dr. Andrea Biondi)
Fundamentals of the DNA molecules in electric field and fluorescent detection methods (Dr. Dean Burgi)
Pathobiology of Germ Cell Tumors (Dr. Ivan Damjanov)
Diagnosis of Germ Cell Tumors (Dr. Ivan Damjanov)
Interferon gamma deficiency and susceptibility to mycobacterial diseases: a possibility for prenatal diagnostics (Dr. Zlatko Dembić)
PCR Analysis of Gene Expression in Rare Cell Populations (Dr. Allan Dietz)
Development of safe lentivirus vectors for human gene therapy (Dr. Boro Dropulić)
Genetic research and clinical testing and quality assurance and informed consent: International science and human rights perspectives (Dr. Gale Gardiner)
The IGF pathway: a therapeutic target for rhabdomyosarcoma (Dr. Tea Kalebić)
Multiple genetic alterations in malignant metastatic insulinomas: Accident or paradigm? (Dr. Krešimir Pavelić)
Premature STOP codon and its influence to mRNA transport (Dr. Dragan Primorac)
Detection and Scanning of Mutations and Polymorphisms Using Immobilized Mismatch Binding Proteins (Dr. Miroslav Radman)
The cell cycle and retinoblastoma pathway in cancer cells (Dr. Danica Ramljak)
Transgenes as markers of osteoblast lineage progression: utility in developing cellular vehicles for somatic gene therapy of bone (Dr. David Rowe)
Genetic counseling and CVS interpretation (Dr. Moses Schanfield)
Future developments in automated human genetic analysis (Dr. Dagmar Schuster)
Single-strand confirmation polymorphism analysis and its use in mutation detection in FH (Dr. Ana Stavljenić Rukavina)
Antisense oligonucleotide DNA therapy of cancer (Dr. Branimir Šikić)
The use of neutrophil alkaline phosphatase (NAP) as a marker for the prenatal screening of Down syndrome (Dr. Petros Tsipouras)
The use of antisense hammerhead ribozymes to selectively target single nucleotide mutations (Dr. Petros Tsipouras)
Morphogenic proteins: From basic discovery to clinical applications (Dr. Slobodan Vukičević)
Dendritic Cell Education for T-Cell Mediated Cancer Immunotherapy (Dr. Stanimir Vuk-Pavlović)
History of Human Genetic in Croatia (Dr. Ljiljana Zergollern Čupak)


Forensic Section

Dr. Šimun Anđelinović (University Hospital Split, Croatia)
Dr. Michael Baden (New York State Police, FSL, Albany, USA)
Dr. Bruce Budowle (FBI, Quantico, VI, USA)
Dr. Jürgen Henke (Institut für Blutgruppenforschung, Köln, Germany)
Dr. Manfred Hochmeister (Department of Forensic Medicine, Bern, Switzerland)
Dr. Mitchel Holland (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rockville, MD, USA)
Dr. Ivica Kostović (Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dr. Henry Lee (Connecticut State Police, FSL, Meriden, CT, USA)
Dr. Milovan Kubat (Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dr. Dragan Primorac (University Hospital Split, Split, Croatia)
Dr. Moses Schanfield (Analytical Genetic Testing Center, Denver, CO, USA)
Dr. Dušan Zečević (Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)

Clinical Medicine Section

Dr. Andrea Biondi (University of Milano School of Medicine, Monza, Italy)
Dr. Dean Burgi (Genomyx-Beckman Instruments Inc., Foster City, USA)
Dr. Ivan Damjanov (University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, USA)
Dr. Zlatko Dembić (The National Hospital, University of Oslo, Norway)
Dr. Allan B. Dietz (Mayo Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA)
Dr. Boro Dropulić (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA)
Dr. Gale Gardiner (National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsvile, MD, USA)
Dr. Tea Kalebić (NCI, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA)
Dr. Krešimir Pavelić (Ruđer Bošković Institutes, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dr. Pier Franco Pignatti (Institute of Biology and Genetics University of Verona, Italy)
Dr. Dragan Primorac (Clinical Hospital Split, Split, Croatia)
Dr. Miroslav Radman (Jacob Manod Institute, Paris, France)
Dr. Danica Ramljak (NCI, NIH, Frederick, MD, USA)
Dr. Dawid Rowe (University of Connecticut School of Medicine, CT, USA)
Dr. Moses Schanfield (Analitical Genetic Testing Center, Denver, CO, USA)
Dr. Dagmar Schuster (Perkin Elmer, European Life Science Center, Langen, Germany)
Dr. Ana Stavljenić Rukavina (Clinical Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dr. Branimir Šikić (Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA)
Dr. Petros Tsipouras (University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, CT, USA)
Dr. Slobodan Vukičević (Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)
Dr. Stanimir Vuk-Pavlović (Mayo Cancer Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA)
Dr. Ljiljana Zergollern-Čupak (Zagreb University School of Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia)